If you sell over the internet, you should definitely know this: How website visitor tracking works

There are millions of websites on the internet. This is both an amazing opportunity and a challenge especially if you have an online business. And this challenge becomes more daunting if you are pitching yourself into a tight noose competition.

Why analyzing website traffic has become crucial?

You have developed a website with the best design in the market and you are also getting visitors regularly. But is this enough to sustain your business? The answer is no. Without solid visitor data in hand, your business will just grope in the dark and you can’t take it to the next level.

For instance, how your visitors are finding your website, what keywords or phrases they use. Which location they belong to, what are they searching or what pages they frequently visit on your websites. Most importantly, who they are and from where they work. All these statistics are extremely important to lead your business in the right direction.

The more information you collect about your visitors, the more effective and productive your content and B2B marketing campaign will be. The more leads you will generate the more sales you will eventually churn. So how does this B2B website visitor tracking works? Let’s find out.

How can you track your visitors?

Basically, website visitor tracking uses reverse DNS technology to search companies visiting your website based on their IP address. Each device connected to the internet requires a unique identifier or IP address for sending and getting information. 

Although these identifiers may be private for home users as they are typically assigned every time they connect to the internet. But most companies have static IP ranges which remain unchanged. Therefore, tracking these IP addresses can return a treasure of information to you.

Visitor website tracking works by combining multiple tools:

  • Google Analytics – This is perhaps the most popular website visitor tracking software available today. With the help of this free visitor tracking software, you can extract and sync relevant user data to monitor your performance, goals and campaigns. It gives you a detailed insight into the number of sessions, time spent on your website, keywords and bounce rate, individual regions and numerous other information.
  • Cookies – Some websites use cookies or scripts to record user information to track their buying behaviour and monitor their future visits. This code or cookie is stored on user computer, of course with their permission as it’s a standard procedure on the internet, especially for the first-time visitor. 
  • Tracking software – You are getting traffic and that too is converting but hold your horses! Google Analytics as the name denotes, it is only an ‘analytical software’. It misses on crucial data, for instance, has the customer paid for the goods or has he returned it or not? Businesses also cannot see the margins in Google Analytics and hence lack any optimizing strategy towards gaining profits. So, you need a tracking software to fill this gap. 

With the help of the software, the data you get from the above two methods is typically enriched to return valuable information such as company info, employee contact, social media profiles, etc. The data or leads can also be automatically sent to your sales team or update CRM or even notify you when a potential company visits your website.

Key Benefits of visitor tracking

Depending on what kind of tools you are using, some of the advantages of using visitor tracking website can be:

  • Deep understanding of how a visitor goes through your website.
  • Knowing which page is generating most leads.
  • You get to know whether your new content is becoming instantly popular.
  • Which products or services are getting the most attention?
  • What social media posts or affiliated networks are driving people to your website.
  • You get a real-time notification if a potential business visits your website.

Summing up

Online businesses can only thrive if you keep evaluating the performance of your website and take remedial measures on time. If you have valuable data of your visitors in your hand, you have certainly discovered new prospects of your business.